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Bad Girls Club Miami Reunion Predictions and Drinking Game

Wow, we made it. Thirteen episodes of complete Bad Girl madness, and we lived to talk about. After a great season of watching hot-ass messes with all their alcoholism and daddy issues, our favorite episode of any reality show is finally here: The Reunion.

This is where the ladies really fight it out, and we are going to love every minute of it. So before the reunion part one tomorrow night, here are a few predictions about the impending craziness and an appeal to have a shot every time the gals say four specific words.

1. Host Perez Hilton is going to act like a Bad Girl himself: This isn't Perez's first time hosting a Bad Girls Club reunion. Oxygen brings him back year after year, because the man is GOOD at it. We mean, really good at it. He doesn't hold back, will ask the bitches real questions, and even though he might have announced that he's trying to be nicer on his website, we can't imagine he's going to keep that shit up for too long while hosting this show.

2. Drinking Game for "I Ran the House":
We're calling it right now that all the ladies will say at least once that they "ran the house." We're not sure why, but in the Bad Girl world, it's very important to announce that you are the madam of the Bad Girl whore house. Maybe it's something they put on their resume? God, let's be serious: They don't have resumes. Every time you hear the phrase "I ran the house," take a shot. Oh, God. We're going to get wasted.

3. Christina and Ashley will duke it out: Obviously, a lot of the original cast members have problems with each other. Morgan probably hates all the girls for kicking her ass out. And we all know Brandi and Danielle are going to have some words for their fellow original castmates. But what we're really looking forward to is the inevitable fight between Christina and Ashley. These bitches were friends for about 15 minutes in the limo ride over to the house and then their friendship burned up faster than Ricki Lake's house

4. Lea will pull out Kristen's Weave in the first 30 Minutes: While interviewing both the ladies for Cultist, we quickly learned that even though they were besties on the show, their post-show shit wasn't too cordial. And from the reunion preview, we were wrong: Their hatred for each other is much worse than we thought. We're going to guess that Kristen is mad at Lea for not talking shit out after the Key West brawl and we're going to assume Lea is pissed Kristen believed she was ever allowed to hit her in the first place.

5. Attack of the Frenemies: From reading their Twitters, the only thing that has really shocked us is the very random friendships that have materialized post-show. Apparently Kayleigh and Lea are living together? Erica is friends with Lea? Kristen isn't friends with anybody? Morgan is still alive and working at Hard Rock? It will be great to see who has stayed friends, become friends, and who has left their entire alcoholic-girl-dom in the past.

6. Christina being jumped won't go unnoticed: As we all watched last week, Christina started a fight with Ashley in the limo in the last 30 seconds of the finale. And instead of the other girls pulling one off the other or maybe just standing by and watching it all go down, they all jumped Christina -- chonga style. All season long, we watched the girls be pretty two-faced to one another. But only days earlier, Lea was getting sushi with Christina and then she jumps her? Our Miami girl let us down. And we can't imagine Perez Hilton is going to let the all those hos get away with an unnecessary three on one fight.

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