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Bad Girls Club Miami, Episode 8: Oh No, I Will Go!

On last night's episode of Bad Girls Club, Brandi is at the top of her crazy game once again. First, she's actually mad at Lea. Who would have ever thought she would have stuck to that game? Blondie (Kristen) and Lea have officially kicked her out of their little BFF circle, and instead of fending for herself, Brandi decides to buy the love of Erica and Dirty D with a cab to the beach as well as drinks once they get there. Hey, Brandi, our friendship is also for sale.

With only five girls left in the house, the clique level has hit an all time high. The divide in the house is at Berlin Wall status. (Where is the Hoff when you need him?) It has become the "real bad girls" Lea and Kristen against the "other girls" Dirty D and Erica. And Brandi is third-wheeling it onto them hard. There's also the team of Erica and her beau, Adrian. Dirty D is also part of that duo, though, as she's forced to drive them everywhere due to Erica's "problem with her license." Don't make us call the 5-0.

We can only hope that Brandi's new love affair will cause her to stop being such a Debbie fucking Downer. We mean, it can't get much worse right? Her newest lover Kiki comes over and brings booze, so we know it's going to be a good night. Well, all the roommates hop on the "lets get Brandi laid" train. They start making the new lovebirds shots to officially get them in the mood and it obviously does when Brandi breaks out her stripper gear and starts giving her new a date an XXX rated dance. (Does anyone else recognize Brandi's lesbian lover from Brooke Knows Best? Is there a lesbian casting call hotline we aren't aware of?)

Kiki gets smothered.
And we all kind of saw Danielle biting the dust, right? She was very sad to see her buddy start becoming strictly dickly with her boy from Jamaica. Going out with them to only watch the two make out the whole time does look like a pretty freaking miserable time. She might be weak, but honestly, we're not too bummed to see her go. She was poor, dressed like a K-mart special, and was crying way too often.

Meanwhile, Lea got what she wished for: She wanted new roommates, well, she got them! In true dramatic bad girl style, just as Dirty D is leaving, new roommates arrive. Not just one, but two! First we have Ashley who seems like a ghetto princess with an anger management problem (just how we like 'em). Then there's our new favorite orange guidette Christina. Her and Snooki obviously go to the same tanning salon and we're kind of annoyed of her right off the bat. But, even though the new girls seem like they're going to maybe get kicked out like the rest of them, maybe they will surprise us? Guess we'll have to just wait and see.

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