Bad Girls Club Miami, Episode 12: Kristen and Lea Flip Out

Last night's episode of the Bad Girls Club was a wild ride. In our interview with Kristen, she hinted that her and Lea had parted ways, and we now see why.  But we didn't see it coming to a close like this. The gals take a weekend trip to the Keys. And as someone who just got back from Fantasy Fest, we can say that these

ladies had every right to be super excited to be in Key West.

Everything Lea mentioned that makes its a fantastic vacation destination

is true: Duval Street, no open container law, cute boys, tons of bars,

etc. How they turned that into a drama filled weekend, we have no idea.


why is it that these broads always complain about their free vacation

accommodations? Are we the only ones who have ever stuffed 6 to 12 people into a hotel room for Spring Break? A gorgeous house, private

pool, endless amounts of booze, and good friends sounds like a

good time to us. Oh wait, they are missing that last part.

We were glad to see Lea on the party train while on vacation. We were a little worried when we first saw her drink-blocking Kristen and Christina, but really -- it's Key West. It's one of the best places in Florida to loose your drinking limit, morals. and standards all at the same time.

The minute the first fist is thrown between Kristen and Lea: BOOM! Our jaws were on the ground and we have never seen such a shit-show go down. I mean, Lea took her shoes and jewelry off like a true Miami girl does before going buck wild. The producers should have known what was up.

This was a true girl fight through and through. First off, they were wasted, which is usually the main culprit in any lady brawl. Second, there was hair pulling and then a list of statements of why one hit another in the first place. But to see Kristen full-blown drunk crazy outside their Key West house was awesome. It makes us never want to drink again (we don't mean that).

How weird was it that it took five of the original ladies getting out of the house and three newbies (only two left) for the bitches to finally start having some fun? Were we sad to see Lea and Kristen's friendship end? A little bit. But weirdly, Erica is being strangely fun and their true boozehoundness is really coming out. It's pretty fantastic to watch.

Kristen's letter made us a feel bad for her. But Lea's reaction to the letter made us realize the bitch really is from the Magic City. Who catapults a fan at someone's head after a tear-filled note? A true, Miami bad girl. But in this episode, we learned a few things. Mainly, that these ladies definitely love to throw things: fists, panini makers, silverware drawers, fans, etc. If you are a household object and in the path of a Bad Girl, get ready for domestic violence. And most importantly: Don't fuck with Lea.

And one thing were really looking forward to is next week's episode. Another bitch goes home (really? How is this happening?) and they give us a little taste that possibly Morgan comes back. Oh, God. Here we go again. 

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Stacey Russell
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