Backstreet Boys' "A.J." Promotes Miami Hackathon

We haven't seen hide nor hair of 90s cheeseball band The Backstreet Boys since Nick Carter's turn on "Dr. Phil" -- and frankly, we've liked it that way. But apparently A.J. (the weird goateed one) is making a solo comeback - all in support of Miami's hacker community.

Check out "A.J.'s" memorable turn in this "Everybody (We're Backin' Hack)" video.

Admittedly, we owe the tech/hacker world major props for lots of good stuff: the Facebook like button, the Timeline, etc. But for the ill-advised boy band impression - we're not quite so thankful. (On that note - can we expect a dislike button anytime soon?)

The video, produced by aptly named Geeky Beach, is designed to promote the upcoming AT&T Mobile App Hackathon. More than 150 developers will gather en masse at the University of Miami's Life Science & Technology Park for two days straight with the goal of programming the hottest new app to hit the mobile market.

The concept is designed to encourage technological innovation and entrepreneurship in the Miami community. Tech prodigies from near and far (some working remotely from South America) will work together to compete for more than $5,000 in cash and prizes.

One interviewee from the promo video offered the following wisdom about why hackathons are fun: "I think it's like doing the same thing I do at home but doing it with people." Right. Sans the whole working in your underwear aspect.

(And when it comes to the BB, they're reportedly working on a new album. Are their PR folks aware of A.J.'s side gig?)

The event kicks off Friday, August 10, at 6 p.m. and runs through the evening of Sunday, August 12. Interested parties can sign up online at mobileappmiami.eventbrite.com. You can also join the geek glory via Twitter with the hashtag #backinhack.

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