Awesome 80's Run to Rock Miami's "Themed 5K" Trend Like a Hurricane

Who doesn't want to relive the days of scrunchies, leg warmers and bodysuits? Such gear is perfect for a good workout. Hence the brilliance of the Awesome 80's Run -- yet another themed 5K coming to Miami.

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The latest in a long lineup of wacky runs making their way to the 305, the Awesome 80's Run is a tribute to the decade of Reagan and Jazzercise. This event comes complete with a DeLorean for photo ops, a pre-race dance party, a live 80's cover band, and a whole lot of other wacky time warp trappings that basically make this one big flashback. With both a 5K and a 10K option, you can choose your own adventure.

For a $40 registration fee ($45 for the 10K; the cost goes up if you wait till raceday), you score a custom '80s medal and t-shirt. Plus tons of '80s-style cheeseball fun.

"It's for everyone," says Kenneth Nwadike, Jr., President & CEO of Superhero Events, LLC. "We encourage people to come out, have a good time and be awesome.  Whether you are running, skating, hula hooping, we just want people to have fun."

The first male and female finishers will get a special prize, and additional honors will be doled out to the largest team, the fastest 5K team, the team with the most awesome name and the team with the raddest costumes. They've seen the likes of a Rubik's cube and a homemade Ghostbuster's marshmallow man, to name a couple. So break out those shoulder pads and get creative. 

For the non-competitive set, roller skates, hula hoops and pogo sticks are permitted, in case anyone wants to slide to the finish line in style.

Remember: to be truly authentic, you'll have to switch your iPod out for a Walkman. It can't track your race time, but it can play some sweet mix tapes.

"This race isn't just about running; it's a celebration of an amazing decade.  The people, the costumes, the community, the music -- everything is combined to create a very fun, one of a kind experience," Nwadike adds.

The Awesome 80s run kicks off at 7 a.m. on Saturday, December 1, at Tropical Park, 7900 SW 40th St. Registration runs $40 to $50 depending on length and date of signup. Visit their website or check them out on Facebook.

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