Astral Bunny

Lipstick lesbian, lang-thang, dyke on a bike, professional tennis player. Young closeted lesbian, you don't have to live pigeonholed in one of these categories. As painful as the coming-out process can be, once you're out, chances are you'll be more confident, proud of yourself, and reassured with the direction of your life (not to mention having the ability to jump higher and run faster). At least that's what some people say, especially proponents of National Coming Out Day (October 11), the annual celebration of proclaiming one's sexual identity.

In case you're not completely assured by this shameless plug, you may want to consult with someone who can peer into your future. Enter Stephanie Adams, Playboy magazine's Miss November 1992, metaphysical guru, author, and recently stepped-out lesbian. Although she won't set you "straight" (God forbid), she may be able to assist you with getting your bearings.

Among the four metaphysical books she's recently published, Adams will be signing copies of Sapphica: Astrology for Lesbians, her love guide for women who love women and who need helpful advice for the future. The book is just one in a series of astrological how-to guides custom-made for each sexual persuasion. Though she may break from stereotypes herself, her perspective may sound familiar.


Stephanie Adams

Borders Books and Music, 3390 Mary St, Coconut Grove. Admission is free. Call 305-447-1655.

Friday, October 10, at 8:00 p.m.

"Lesbian astrology is as different from straight or gay male astrology as are the dynamics of a person's sexuality," Adams says from her New York City apartment. "With women I focus more on emotional issues. Women are more emotional, men are more physical."

She gets her insight not only from the Egyptian tarot cards she uses, but from the abundance of women in her family who claim to have soothsaying powers. Adams says her grandmother can read futures by speaking to people on the telephone. "It's kind of intense," Adams, a Leo, explains.

So if you have any doubts about coming out, or about any other issue bothering you on the eve of National Coming Out Day, Adams will make herself available for a consultation. As for which category of lesbian she might fit into, Adams replies, "I have lipsticks of every color."

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