ARTFUZE Unites Artists, Photographers, Filmmakers, and Fashion Designers for Charity

If you're a local culture junkie it's safe to say that Miami's art walks, notably Wynwood and Bird Road, have been serving as a panacea as you wait for season to start. But as said junkie, your high is probably starting to wear off and you're itching for a huge dose of culture.

Fortunately, the mainlining of Art Basel, Miami Book Fair International, and other mammoth cultural doses, has finally seeped its way into our mundane, non-season existence.

Festivals such as SWAN Spoken Soul Festival (New Times "Best Place to Meet Intelligent Women) in March, the upcoming Eyeled Arts Festival in September, and Friday's ARTFUZE Benefit can serve as the methadone treatment to your art addiction - until a couple of months from now when you can take those big, fat, Sid & Nancy type shots of culture right in the crook of your elbow.

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ARTFUZE, thusly named because the event "fuses" all mediums, will feature photography, film, artwork, and live fashion exhibits. Oh, and music too.

Arts patron, writer, and behavior therapist, Dani Bernal, who organized the event along with JLPR and LMNT, explains why ARTFUZE is being held off-season instead of riding the coattails of larger, seasonal events. "This event holds now because of the slow season. Jenny (JLPR) thought it would be great to throw it in the summer because there is really nothing going on right now. We're both really passionate about the art scene in Miami so we wanted to give something positive to the public to keep reminding them to support the arts -- especially since gallery rents in Wynwood have doubled."

Vince BadPanda Herrera, one of the artists whose work will be on display, believes that Miami's slow season is picking up. "The 'slow' season this year has not been too bad...the art community has stayed active and continues to progress with every new opening. Artwork sales have slowed but have not come to a complete stop by any means."

This ambitious project features the work of five artists, three filmmakers, two fashion designers, two photographers, and two musical artists and takes place at LMNT. Best of all, the philanthropist that shares space with your inner junkie can also glean some satisfaction from attending the event; ARTFUZE benefits two worthy causes, Art Studio Miami and Build A School In Africa, as well as future ARTFUZE projects.

JennyLee Molina of JLPR, who helped organize the event, shares her thoughts on the philanthropic intent of ARTFUZE. "I'm very proud to be involved with ARTFUZE and the causes we're serving. We're featuring contemporary cutting-edge artists who share our vision to advocate art education efforts. It's a feel-good event for all involved."

Get your fix this Friday at ARTFUZE. The cultural overdose will be held at LMNT (59 NW 36th Street, Wynwood) from 8 p.m. until 3 a.m. A $25 donation grants you entrance. Visit artfuze.eventbrite.com.

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