Art Smarts

Fine art usually costs a bundle, but NFAA Arts Week 2006, organized by the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts, is hosting a week of major art events and isn't charging a dime. If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to expose yourself to more culture, and another is to be more careful with money, you can easily achieve your goals this week. Choose from theater, literary arts, chamber music, jazz, singing, dance, film, visual arts, and a photography exhibition, all of which are performed or created by winners in a national student contest. The Friday night Visual Arts & Photography Exhibition offers a chance to schmooze with the artistes at the beginning of the evening. The Dance & Film Showcase features more than two dozen dancers performing everything from Korean drum to tap to Mexican folkloric dance. All performances are heavy on solos, so the artists shine.

Now if your New Year’s resolution is to give to charity, you can fork out some major bucks ($600 to $1000 per person) for the sole fundraising event, An Affair of the Arts performance and gala. Admission to everything else is free. Locations vary.
Jan. 10-14
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Karen Dale Wolman