Art of Haggling

Come Thursday, any pretentiousness left over from this month’s Art Basel Miami Beach at the Miami Beach Convention Center better make for the exits fast . In its place: pure, unadulterated, commercial capitalism flourishing at an event where quality is frowned upon, and cheap, plentiful goods are held in higher esteem than a Picasso. That’s right, we’re talking about a flea market. In fact, the mother of all fleas — Queen flea, if you will, the World’s Greatest Indoor Flea Market. There’s no reasonable way to check the claim world’s greatest, but we’re not exactly calling foul either. With more than 400 vendors, the flea market has more retail options than any mall in South Florida (Sawgrass Mills in Sunrise has just over 300 retail outlets). Expect toys, jewelry, electronics, sporting goods, pet supplies, computers, shoes, cosmetics, perfume, clothes, and all manner of home goods; as well as practically anything else that can be bought or sold. There will be requisite food and drink (arepa anyone?), entertainment with Santa, and rides. And in case you somehow didn’t get your annual fix of fine art, local artist David Banegas will be painting live. Admission is $8 for adults, $4 for children six to 12, and is free for kids under five. The haggling starts at noon, and the fleas run until Sunday.
Dec. 16-19, noon, 2010
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Sebastian del Mármol