Art Mural Challenge Offers $2,000 Cash to Winning Miami Artist

It's a rare artist who can't use a little extra green to pad their pockets (excluding Britto -- anyone selling branded stuffed animals is probably doing OK).

As of today, Beauty Schools of America is launching an Art Mural Challenge. They're offering $2K in cold, hard cash to one lucky artist in exchange for whipping up a colorful work of creative genius on a wall at their campus' main entrance.

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Basically, they're looking for an artist to "express their definition of 'the beauty industry'" on a 14-by-12-foot canvas, or in this case, a wall.

This isn't BSA's first foray into the local art scene. They have work by local Wynwood and tattoo artist Carlos Lainez (a.k.a. "Junk") and Marcus Borges (a.k.a. "Grab Arts") on display at the BSA SOBE Barber Shop.

"We want to move away from white walls, pink chandeliers, and delicate details -- we need an art mural that will impact and inspire our customers, visitors, students, and pedestrians simply passing by," says PR & Events Coordinator Alicia Rivas. "That is why once the art mural is completed, we plan to do an unveiling and turn off campus lights and highlight the mural with special lights at night."

According to BSA, applicants are encouraged to "explore beauty, fashion, lifestyle, spa, and wellness industry for sketch ideas." Oh, and to take a campus tour and explore their website, social media, and mission statement.

So do your homework, muralist hopefuls.

Application and portfolio submissions are due by Friday, Oct. 31 at noon. Applicants can submit their portfolios (no more than eight pages as PDF files), contact information and sketch idea via email to [email protected] or drop them off at the BSA South Beach campus. Interested artists can check out additional details on their Tumblr.

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