Art Miami 2011: Pop Culture Nudity, Creepy Babies, and Gnarly Facial Hair

Cultist firmly believes in Occupy Movement--corporate greed and economic inequality are two things we absolutely abhor. Admittedly, however, we got down with the 1% last night at Art Miami.

Don't judge, if you heard there'd be free booze and finger foods you'd jump at the opportunity also. And quite frankly, the 1% roaming the 125,000 square foot pavilion and dropping serious coinage on museum-quality contemporary art at last night's VIP opening were incredibly welcoming. Sure they mistook us for the wait staff and demanded more sandwiches, but everyone makes mistakes.

Check out some of our favorite pieces from this year's Art Miami festival after the cut.

Where are your parents, kid? You're surrounded by choking hazards.

Robert Indiana's piece served as a nice alphabet refresher.

This is just a closeup of a $60,000 sculpture. We couldn't afford a wide-angle lens to get the whole shot.

We're not big Star Wars fans, but we would've guessed that Darth Vader would've carried a bigger lightsaber.

This Einstein's so much better than that poster we had in college.

By far the most impressive oil painting of a gorilla we've ever seen. If we had an extra 114 x 83 1/2 inches of wall space, we'd totally hang this beast up.

What'chu looking at?

How sweet would this guy be on T-shirt?

Smile for the camera!

Is this seat taken?

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.