Art is Life

Our environment, life, and art take on a symbiotic relationship in the hands of Ernesto Kunde, who wants you to experience his work as a mirror of nature. The Brazilian-born painter, who has made the 305 and its lush tropical surroundings his conceptual playground, typically employs a mixed bag of materials, ranging from canvas to found wood and corrugated aluminum, to evoke his central theme of our common connection to flora and fauna. For years, Kunde, a resident talent at the Bakehouse Art Complex (BAC) (561 NW 32nd St., Miami) has been drawing inspiration from South Florida’s mangroves, sea grapes, and other native plant life to convey his experience of our city as a vibrant urban and ecological biosphere. This Friday at 7 p.m., the Bakehouse will present “Symbiotic Promise,” an exhibit featuring Kunde’s creative musings on our complex, tangled landscape. The green-thumbed artist has transformed BAC’s 600-square-foot Swenson Gallery into his own personal Eden, sculpturally overlaying his color-saturated tropi-pop paintings to create an immersive, sensory-engulfing installation. For Kunde, the works on display reflect the need for greater awareness and stewardship of the environment while offering a distinct vision of our surroundings. Tickets cost $5. The exhibit shows through June 8, and admission is free during regular hours. Call 305-576-2828 or visit
May 9-June 8, 7-10 p.m., 2014
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Carlos Suarez De Jesus