Art for da Streets

Been lured by a buffet of funk-fueled entertainment, only to discover the hype you swallowed delivered a load of gas? Ditch those Rolaids; these artsy events promise the whole enchilada and more. Beginning at noon the Museum of Contemporary Art (770 NE 125th St., North Miami) celebrates Magic City youth during MoCA Fresh, a daylong menu of events offering art, music, dance, design, and technology for teens and young adults. Highlights include a b-boy (and b-girl) breakdance battle, live musical guests, a karaoke competition hosted by DJ K. Foxx of 99 Jamz, interactive technology workshops, a student art exhibit, and designers who will demonstrate how to juice up those T-shirts and sneakers if you bring along your own gear. Admission is free. Call 305-893-6211, or visit

Hankering for a dose of late-night urban culture? Then check out State of the Art at PS14 (28 NE Fourteenth St., Miami), an event that opens tonight at 10:00 and features a pulse-pounding musical and visual arts groove. Earthworx, Lox Tha Rippa, Alucard, and ArtOfficial are set to blow the roof off while DJs Stravinsky, Salami Fingaz, Djane, and Par spin. Don’t forget artists Ahol, NFRomero, Ceptr, and Andres Salavador, who threaten to paint the night in colors of their own invention. Admission is seven dollars for those eighteen and over. Visit, and add them as your friends at
Sat., April 28
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Carlos Suarez De Jesus