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Art Burn 09 Plans to Set Wynwood on Fire

Every now and then you just have to let the press release speak for itself, as is the case with this year's ART BURN fair in Wynwood (123 NW 23rd Street). Setting off this Thursday, December 3, ART BURN bills itself as an "International Contemporary Art Expo and Immolation" and "the most combustible art fair in the world." But seriously, just hear it from them. I can't top this writing:

"ART BURN, the most combustible art show in the world, will combine an international selection of original art with fire. Original works on canvas, wood and paper by a selection of more than three dozen international artists will be displayed and then flambeed in Miami on the evening of Thursday, December 3, 2009 at sunset. The exhibition/grilling, curated by NYC artist El Celso, will take place in the Wynwood Arts District, within walking distance of Miami's lesser contemporary art fairs. An exclusive selection of more than three dozen exceptional pieces by the hottest renowned artists and sizzling, cutting-edge newcomers will be displayed from 1pm until sundown. After the brief exhibition, all of these original works will be burned for the public's viewing pleasure. Nothing is for sale."

Kingsford charcoal is even listed as an event sponsor. (Once you latch onto a theme, take all the way to the end.) Read another write-up of it here.

Not sure how good the art will be, but at the very least, I've had this same idea walking through some of the tent fairs in recent years. Bring your marshmellows and Britto sketches.

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P. Scott Cunningham