Art Basel Miami Beach

Art Basel Ends and Miami Decides to Get Bitter Cold

At some point during Art Basel every year, we have a moment of clarity, where we look into the silvery-pink sky above Miami Beach and say out loud, "Miami, will you marry us?" She always says yes, and the wedding takes place right there on the beach as waves crash against our wet Nikes.

We know -- Art Basel was last week, but man...let us revel in the memories of the beautiful weather, while we crank up that rare Miami treat known as our home-heating systems. Miami herself knows when our dear friend Art Basel is in town, because she makes her weather perfect and her skies beautiful. Then, when all the French, German, and Swedish visitors leave, she gets cold as a witch's teat. Here are some videos of Basel and some musings about what it did to our hum-drum life.

Being around too much art proves to have a metaphysical effect on our psyche and behavior. Our souls absorb all of the art's energy. Everything that we look at becomes art. We'll be cooking eggs in the morning (art!); we'll collect the egg shells and stack them into a little pile (three egg shells a day for the entire week); and we'll take chicken bones, tuna fish cans, candy wrappers, dead batteries, etc. and place them in triangular patterns around our kitchen area. Our roomies get pissed, but it's our work, dammit. The found objects pile up (we brought a large cinder block in from a nearby construction site), and we have created a contemporary sculptural masterpiece!

 Wait, check out this "blog sculpture" below, using 20 colons, 20 number signs, 20 dollar signs, and other various keypad items. We call it Untitled, 2010.









Being around amazing art for a week is like taking a hallucinogenic drug. We close our eyes and see images exponentially recreating themselves. Our imagination goes berserk, and we feel like we're actually ..."artists." We better go clean up the kitchen area...wait, are dead roaches art? 

Check out the Warhol exhibit in the video below that was temporarily on display at the Miami Beach Convention Center (Art Basel's hub, last week) where we took these videos with my Kodak waterproof camera:

See you next year, Mr. Basel!:

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Jason Handelsman