Art Basel Basketball and Other Ways for Miami Heat to Support Culture

1. Play Home Games at Art Basel Events
We're not advocating abandoning American Airlines Arena altogether, but why not throw in a couple of games under Design Miami's super cool tent just across from the Miami Beach Convention Center. The December 4 game against Atlanta would be perfect.

2. Three Kings Jam at Music Festivals
The Miami Music Fest is coming up and, of course, there is always the Winter Music Conference next year, and we've already seen how the Three Kings can dance, so just invite them over and we guarantee sold out events across the board. King James is hosting "Trilogy" at Mansion Nightclub tonight, so we know he's in.

3. Chris Bosh Hosts MOCA Mystery Dates
Usually, the Museum of Contemporary Art's Mystery Dates are held at posh residences belonging to big time art collectors to fundraise for the museum. We're not sure what kind of art collection Chris Bosh is packing but he certainly has the crazy new digs to host a dinner party.

Okay, so that LeBron Nike commercial was the cat's pajamas. It was like a short film. And what do you do when you have a film to premiere? Film festival time. We suggest the ultra-cool local Borscht Film Festival for the new LeBron commercial, if they accept it, that is.

5. Pat Riley Hosts Fashion Week Party
The players have style, but nobody compares to Mr. Armani himself, Pat Riley. With his slicked back hair and impeccable dress, Riles is the perfect host for any party during Miami Beach International Fashion Week March 1-6.

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Sebastian del Mármol