Art Basel 2013: The Ten Best Items at Alchemist's Art Drive-Thru

Chances are we're going to see lots of wickedly wild things during Art Basel this year. Among them will be the Art Drive-Thru installed in the 1111 Lincoln Road parking garage, just outside the Alchemist store.

Opening in December, the drive-thru will be running 24/7 throughout the week of Art Basel. Once that's over, it's time to close up shop. Alchemist has paired up with Parisian store Colette to bring this unique experience to Art Basel. Officially called the "Colette Art Drive-Thru at Alchemist," the futuristic looking drive up window was designed by Rene Gonzalez -- the same architect who designed the parking garage location for Alchemist.

The architectural mastermind behind the drive thru explains how it will work: "There will be several drive thru kiosks and one walk-up kiosk containing an iPad with customized, graphic menu screens as well as menu boards allowing one to make a selection similar to a 'happy meal.' You can choose the product you would like to purchase and your order is then hand delivered right to you."

A process that is simple, retro, and yet modern.

Alchemist's Erika and Roma Cohen, who responded to our email as a collective, say they wanted to capture a moment in time reminiscent of the 1950s drive thru phenomenon. Gonzalez elaborates, adding, "We were inspired by the qualities of 1950s drive thrus and wanted to capture the essence of the drive up kiosks in order to create a fresh and new version of this classic American icon."

Sarah Andelman of Colette says she fell in love with the Alchemist store on Lincoln Road, and after hosting a drive-in at the Grand Palais last June, the idea for a drive-thru was fitting and a "dream come true to be able to do it with Alchemist -- Roma and Erika Cohen are the best possible partners." She assures that the available selection will be incredible and exclusive; "We're super proud to bring them to Miami."

The limited edition items featured on the menu have been specially developed and chosen by Andelman and the Cohens, who teamed up with world-renowned artists from across the globe. There will be pieces designed by Zaha Hadid, Daniel Arsham, Pharrell x Moncler, Kenzo x Toilet Paper, Kitsuné, Chrome Hearts, and Thom Browne, to name a few.

"We hope this quickie shop-on-the-go moment will allow art fair goers to gather retail therapy in between glimpses of art fair eye-candy and nursing their hangovers after the party marathon from the night before," say the Cohens.

For those fair-goers out there who want an idea of what to expect at the art drive-thru, the Cohens and Gonzalez have narrowed it down to their ten favorite items.

10. Supreme Skateboard Decks from Damien Hirst

These dot-tastic skateboards blend a rough sport with a soft, dainty dot pattern and color palette. Hanging them on your wall will certainly make for a popping work of art; perhaps even for a (gender neutral) nursery.

9. Orangina x André

The curious looking face with a hazardous stare is one of French artist André Saraiva's famous characters, which he created for a redesigned bottle featured in this box set done in collaboration with Orangina.

8. Keith Haring Dog Pillows

"We love the Kieth Harring dog pillows by Kinetics - it makes the perfect gift for new parents' nursery rooms," the Cohens say.

7. Kitsune Limited Edition Drive Thru Tee

"Our cobranded drive-thru products - such as lighters, phone cases, and limited edition tees with Kitsune - are the perfect souvenir token for all to remember this year's super fun drive thru for Basel!" exclaim the Cohens.

6. Case Scenario Drive Thru iPhone Cases

What better way to commemorate the Colette Art Drive Thru than by a keepsake with a logo? Your new iPhone needs protection, and Case Scenario wants to protect it.

5. KENZO x Toilet Paper iPhone Cases

"We think the PICASSO baby print tees will be a home run as well as KENZO x Toilet paper iPhone cases, both of which are super exclusive, and super cool," say the Cohens.

4. Jeremy Scott x Longchamp Bag

Instead of screaming "technical difficulties / please stand by," this bag will be screaming "look at me / I love art and fashion."

3. Jean Michel Basquiat Plates from Ligne Blanche

Who says food can't be considered art? Now, when you organize your food creatively on your dinner plate, with each bite you'll be revealing an eccentric work of art.

2. Zaha Hadid Candle

"Some of our favorite items include two different candles, both produced by Brooklyn based JOYA," say the Cohens. They go on to explain: "One is a wax molded bust by Kehinde Whiley that was originally cast in marble. And the other is one we worked on with Zaha Hadid to re-create a tower that she's done and we flipped upside. It's a cool sculptural piece to have after the candle is done."

1. Ai Wei Wei Scarf

"The scarf by Ai Wei Wei is a stand out," says Gonzalez. "Like all of his work, it makes a statement while also being a beautiful object."

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