Arsenals and Agendas

Miami has a bunch of art that goes on outside of Wynwood and Art Basel, and it isn’t always put on by some hipster. Sometimes it’s a guy from Hialeah who gets together with a bunch of tattoo dudes, a few graffiti writers, and some random artists to produce a particular ensemble. In this case, the “Arsenals + Agendas” collection falls into the latter grouping. Omar Lopez has been dabbling in curation since getting involved in the Art vs. Rock thing a few years back, and this little puppy is his, well, grown-ass puppy.

The exhibit's taking place at the CS Gallery, right across from MoCA, and it will explore, or try to explore, the themes laid out in the title. Look for plenty of off-color pieces that draw heavily on tropes developed in street art and other forms that might not normally be collected under the highbrow banner: weapons, hidden paths, undercurrents, deceit, and the like as explored by a bunch of South Florida artists such as Bane, George Rios, Mar5, Tussi-Maldita, Mario Martinez, SR27, Esteban Corbo, Rodrigo, Mark!, Fabian De La Flor, Jon Clazo, Beastmode, ¡SOY!, and Juan Navarro. Lopez says each one of them “has an angle,” implying that both the darker activities depicted as well as the more palatable and gregarious ones may well be drawn from the activities themselves.
Tuesdays-Thursdays, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Starts: June 4. Continues through July 30, 2009

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