Around Town This Weekend: Instruments of Torture, Venus Williams, and DIY Soundtracks


  • As if five days of torture, we mean work, weren't enough, today is the opening day of the "Instruments of Torture Through the Ages" exhibit at the Freedom Tower (oh, the irony!). One look at the spiked collars, knee splitters, and genital mutilators, and you'll realize you don't have it so bad after all.
  • The first Friday of every month, Grass Lounge throws Havana San Juan, with timbales, dancers, and mambo lessons. There'll even be a cigar roller onsite.


  • Relive your giggly sleepover days with a flash mob Pillow Fight on Ocean Drive.  Starts at 3 p.m. Saturday. B.Y.O. Pillow.  Almost 800 people are confirmed guests on the Facebook page.
  • The national spotlight shines on Miami again for the Sony Ericsson Open tennis finals. Come for the sportsmanship; stay for the celebrity sightings. Venus Williams looks like she might take home her third title.

  • It was way before our time, but we have a hunch that live music

    and film are a perfect pairing. The organist isn't likely to return to

    the multiplex, so check out Cinema Sounds No. 6 Saturday. Local bands

    such as Animal Tropical will score films with their own


  • Sir Paul McCartney drags his 68-year-old bag of bones to Sun Life Stadium. We don't want to get morbid or anything, but see him while you can.

  • Spelling bees are stressful. Good thing there's booze at this Sunday's Drunk'N Spelling Bee at Purdy Lounge. Winner gets a $50 bar tab. Oh, and you have to do a shot of Jäger for every word you get right. That's sure to help your focus.
  • Go see the French drama A Prophet, which has been described as the anti-Scarface. What's a-matter with Tony Montana? Grade schools seem to dig him.

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Amanda McCorquodale