Around Town This Weekend

  • Comedian DeRay Davis is at the Miami Improv til Sunday, and he's been called the next king of urban comedy so just like you'll be forced to fulfill the club's two drink minimum, you'll be LYAO'ing too.
  • Of course Rock Fashion and Funkshion Weeks are still rolling, rolling, rolling.
  • Singer/songwriter/producer/bad mothafucka Gordon Chambers is putting his Grammy-winning voice to use at monthly soul explosion, Acoustic Flow.
  • OOOOHHH!!! And the Casanova Freestyle Reunion featuring VANILLA ICE!! Other cool people too like the Sugarhill Gang (a hip hop a hibbid to the hibbid), Debbie Deb, and Big Daddy Kane, but if you're still reading you're probably only going for the Ice Man anyway.
  • Start working out that muscle in your head, bro. Basel's coming. You've let it hibernate so now get it warmed up at Hope Blossoms: An Art Happening. A bunch of artists from across the country are coming, different mediums, it'll be good. You'll cover a lot of ground at once.
  • Click here for Saturday's plans.
  • And here for Sunday's.

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Raina McLeod
Contact: Raina McLeod