Around Town this Weekend

With not a cloud in sight, it seems like the due-to-weather cancelation of tomorrow's Summerfest (featuring T-Pain, Flo Rida, and Keri Hilson, among others) was a bit premature but luckily there are plenty of other places to get your music fix tonight. From the locally cool: The Hongs, Band Number 12, and Vultures are Wolves; to the internationally cool: DJ Tim Green, Bloody Mary, and Toto la Momposina; Friday alone is chock full of sounds meant to massage your ears to the point of orgasm. Click here for more of today's offerings, which include jokes from Eddie Griffin and a reading of Hialeah Haiku.

Saturday, Iggy Pop will be at Awarehouse to fete Sweat Records (and help to raise money to restore their A/C), girls who love girls and the girls who love them will celebrate icandee's 10 year anniversary (congrats, Lynn!), and film buffs get their shine on at Cinema Paradiso (umm, we'll be there after we see Inglorious Basterds, thanks.).

And on Sunday, besides crying to Lifetime Movies and bitching about a Monday that hasn't even arrived, doowop with Mayer Hawthorne. And watch Entourage.  


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