Around Town: Of Montreal, Marlins, '80s Freestyle Jams, Mitchell Davis, and Jimbo's

Spring, glorious spring. Start your frolicking at the Marlin's first home game or at the Fillmore, where a colorful indie band from Athens, Georgia plays Scandinavian-style pop music. Spend Saturday outdoors watching BMX racing or rugby. You have your pick of celebrating two cult figures on Sunday. Will you choose the guy who's 84 or 20?


  • Tonight, see the theatrics of Of Montreal. In past shows, their performance has included togas, tutus, bananas, and actual horses. Keep an eye out for Georgia Fruit. Bring your ticket stubs to the Vagabond afterward and get in free.
  • Sayonara basketball. Today's the home opener of the Florida Marlins. Come see how they do against the Los Angeles Dodgers.
  • Whether you're cresting waves on your own wakeboard or just watching from the beach, this weekend' Board Up Miami offers BMXing, surfing, skateboarding, and bikini-clad broads.

  • There's a little slice of Britain at a park in Hialeah. On Saturday and Sunday, the Rugby South Division Championship takes over Amelia Earhart Park. Come see grown men in shorts pile on top of each other.
  • March flew by; it's already time for April's Second Saturday Art Walk in Wynwood. This time 'round, see "Believe the Hype," "Guarded," and the spam and eggs of Michael Costello.
  • Hooray for '80s rollerskating rink nostalgia! Throw on some hypercolor gear and see the Kings and Queens of Freestyle. (That's "freestyle" as in the Miami/NY-bred latino/pop/hip-hop musical style and not the impromptu rhymes. Think the 1983 hit "Let the Music Play.")


  • They

    still might not have any electricity (thanks City of Miami!) but

    Jimbo's will power up on generators and ice-down in coolers to celebrate

    the main man's 84th birthday.

  • You've checked out what the older generation of hipster is up to at Jimbo's. Now see the new brood of hip that has YouTube star Mitchell Davis as its voicebox. It's okay to be a little bit frightened. Watch the video below.

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Amanda McCorquodale