Around Town: Courtney Love, Black Kids, Armin Van Buuren, and Swazy Styles


  • Surprise, surprise. Courtney Love completely unraveled at Hole's DC gig earlier this week. A Washington Post writer reports that she seemed to forget her own songs, belting out fragments instead of songs for her three-hour. She also spent much of the concert cursing out the crowd, finally disrobing only to borrow a bra from a member of the audience. Her breakdown inspired most the DC crowd to leave early, but we have a hunch that Miami has a higher tolerance for celebrity meltdowns. Find out tonight when Hole plays the Fillmore.
  • The Black Kids haven't been in town since the peak of the bloggy fame in 2007. Find out if the Kids still got it tonight when they play the Vagabond. They might even teach your boyfriend how to dance with you.


  • Hit the reservation this Saturday for the Miccosukee Freedom Festival, a

    day of gator wrestling, KC and the Sunshine Band, and a whole lineup of

    local sports stars such as Dolphins Lousaka Polite and Vontae Davis.


  • Sensitive souls can deflect the horror of seeing oil-slicked pelicans on

    the nightly news by joining in on the Crandon Park Bayside Birding

    Kayak Adventure this Sunday. See brown pelicans, some of whom may have

    been rescued from the Gulf's brown waters, as well as local populations

    of ibis.

  • Most of us don't have to work on Monday so feel free to stay out late

    for the Fourth of July parties on Sunday night. The IndepenDance Pool

    Party at the Surfcomber Hotel will feature DJs Armin Van Buuren and

    Sander Kleinenberg. Or head to Miami Dream Team at Club Dream for rapper

    Swazy Styles, video vixen Maria Millions, and DJ Epps.

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