Aqua Girl Takes Over the 305: Lesbians, Bisexuals, and Trans, Oh My!

Women all over the country are packing their batteries, toys, and bathing suits for this year's Aqua Girl. Party after party of lesbian, bisexual, and trans women celebrate their right to get it on right here in Miami and Miami Beach. Start practicing your "inconspicuous hotel key pass" because women of all kinds and from all states will be converging tonight through Sunday for some of the sexiest Sapphic action this side of California's Dinah Shore Weekend.

Liza Santana, publicist for Aqua Girl, says we should expect even more of Aqua Girl 2011 than in previous years. "This year is bigger and better due to the changes we have made by adding more events. In the end we try to cater to a large group of women with a lot of different tastes. We want to cater to the young supporter as well as the older one who might want to attend some of the cultural events more than the dance driven ones."

Even though Aqua Girl is a chance for girls to go wild, it ain't all

about partying. Santana explains, "The reality is that these are all

events and activities under and in support of a mission. The plight of

the organization is the focus. Aqua Girl is now celebrating a 12th year.

One hundred percent of the proceeds of this dynamic week is to serve as

a funding catalyst [for] wellness and equality in South Florida through

grants, scholarships, and initiatives. Every woman who attends gets to

enjoy herself and do some good helping her community by just showing up

and buying her ticket."

Regardless of your reasons for attending, Aqua Girl gives us several

events worth marking in our calendar.

Thursday's kick off dance party,

Traffic Jam, at Dream Nightclub (1532 Washington Ave., Miami Beach) from

10 p.m. until 3 a.m. is bound to be hot.

The heat is sure to continue at the Splash Pool Party from 11 a.m. until

5 p.m. at the Surfcomber Resort (1717 Collins Ave., Miami Beach).


Dish, Aqua Girl's culinary affair at Smith & Wollensky (1 Washington

Ave., Miami Beach), should prove delicious on Saturday from 8 p.m. to

10 p.m.

Round out all your pre-summer lovin' with Afterglow - Aqua Girl's

official closing party at (Score Nightclub, 727 Lincoln Rd., Miami

Beach) from 9 p.m. until 2 a.m.

What can you expect at these parties? "Lots of women," laughs Santana,

"a rainbow of faces from young to old from many different walks of life.

It's actually a beautiful experience to be part of when you see all the

girls come together. The energy is contagious."

She continues, "Aqua Girl continues to attract women from all over the

country, the Americas and around the globe. The week continues to grow

year by year with newly added events that continue to enhance its wide

appeal. With fourteen cultural events, and parties to satisfy an array

of tastes this year won't disappoint because there is so much to do and

activities to choose from. What we find now, is that even straight women

are coming out to support which we find to be an amazing thing."

Single event ticket prices vary. Multiple event passes are available from $108 to $319. Call 305-576-2782 or visit aquagirl.org.

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