Aqua Di Lara at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim: Bold Cutouts and Bo Derek Braids

Tensions were running high at the Aqua Di Lara show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim last weekend. After several days battling high humidity and the constant stress of navigating through sand in heels, attendees and event staff alike were getting a little snippy with each other.

But just like we were able to shake off our goose bumps at Nicolita, we were able to shake off the bad vibes to appreciate designer Reyhan Sofraci's 2014 immensely likable swimsuit collection.

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We were excited when we saw the models' hair parted into multi-braids. Depending on your generation, it likely reminded you of either Bo Derek in the movie 10 or Neytiri from Avatar. Two labels were showcased, but we were pleased at how synchronized the two were presented, and how fluidly the show converted from one label to the other.

The White label was inspired by Amazonian gardens. Teal and fuchsia cover-up tunics, perfect for a day at the beach or a night out on the town, wowed us with their delicate beaded details and billowy, breezy material.

Each one-piece swimsuit was complimented with a matching two-piece, one right after the other.

The swimsuits came in colors such as emerald green, burnt orange, teal, or blue in both solid styles and paisley print designs. Seashell detailing on the sides of some of the bikini bottoms gave the looks an added beachy edge.

Mono-kinis ruled first half of the show, some with multiple straps or cut-outs -- a strong look for the runway, even though they'd result in tan lines that look like horizontal blinds.

The Black label was very '90s when it came to color scheme. Think hot pink and black, like a color-blocked one-sholder mono-kini.

Sofraci nailed it with incorporating matching cover-up pieces, too. Maxi dresses and long rompers played on the runway more like pieces of ready-to-wear clothing. It's always a major plus when you can get more than one use from a clothing item.

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