Apocalyptic Visions

According to conspiracy theorists, fear-mongers, schizophrenic wizards, and new-age paranoiacs, the world is gonna end in approximately 853 days when the Mayan long-count calendar comes to a close. There will be black holes, monster tsunamis, cataclysmic earthquakes, fiery asteroids, and armies of ancient ghosts run amok. But until then, we'll just make trippy art about this potential apocalypse.

Curated by local painter Kiki Valdes, the new group show "20(12): Twenty Twelve" at Miami Art Space takes exactly that tack. With work by a dozen artists — including Valdes, George Sanchez-Calderon, John Sevigny, Reiner Gamboa, Freegums, Raul Perdomo, Oliver Sanchez, David Marish, Brian Gefen, Johnny Robles, Eric Torriente, and David Tamargo — this end-of-days exhibition looks deep into the crystal ball, as the show announcement says, to "offer predictions, guesses, and feelings about the much-anticipated year, 20(12)."
June 12-July 8, 2010
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S. Pajot