Annah Rondon Blogs Her Sexperiments and Neurosis at Red Means Go

​​Miamian Annah Rondon used to manage a Christian church. Now she blogs full-time about sexperiments, the joy of eating ox tail, and duck boners. Maybe not the most intellectual or elegant topics, but definitely amusing and entertaining. Her blog, Red Means Go, is hypnotic with its simple stick figure cartoons and stories that both demonstrate a bold sense of self and a great sense of humor.

Relatively new to blogging, she started Red Means Go in March of 2010 as a tool to promote her currently unpublished book by the same title. She now has over 2,000 followers from all over the world, including regular readers from Australia, Canada, Africa, and the U.K.

Rondon began internet storytelling by sending her friends tales of her wild weekends via email to alleviate some of their Monday blues. They encouraged her to start her own blog, but she thought, "No, blogging is for dorks" (which, we can attest, it is). Now she believes that she "had a distorted notion of what blogging was really about."

Red Means Go is a shitstorm of racy, goofy, and honest tales with touches of brilliance. In one of Rondon's recent posts, she reveals a little bit about her relationship with her mother:
"I think I gave the dying duck Viagra."

This is what my mother decides to tell me when I answer the phone after an exhausting day of "real job" hunting and stripping contemplation.

Me: What? Who is this?

Mommy Dearest: It's me. Seriously get over here right now, I think I killed the duck.
While it's difficult for some people to even write a non-anonymous comment, this young woman is comfortable joking about her vibrator's refrigerator location. Likening her book's humor to that of Chelsea Handler, Rondon believes she's a crusader for being an individual. She hopes ​"people can see that you can be young and single, that you can stand for something, and have a life without having a man."

Though at first commenters informed her of her need of Jesus, she figured "you can't please everybody." Now when people leave comments, they often offer their own tales of relationship woes. Check out her site at

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