And the Winner Is ...

Our latest obsession in the black hole of game-show hell is a little something called The Moment of Truth. On it, one contestant sits on a platform while the judging eyes of his or her closest friends and family — plus a couple hundred in the studio audience and countless millions at home — watch that individual answer über-personal and decidedly controversial questions. You won’t see the jubilance of The Price Is Right or any of the high-fives associated with The Pyramid. But you can expect tears and ruined lives. Score! On Saturday night, Improv troupe The Oops Guys! is putting its spin on the game-show phenomenon by bringing Do I Make You Horny? to the masses. The guys say it’s a naughty improvised show that pokes fun at the soul-selling, buck-chasing reality-TV muck we’re addicted to. This means you, Moment of Truth. The troupe promises a sleazy host; a male, Asian Vanna White-esque character; and more whipped cream and dollar-store prizes than you can handle.

Just in case all of the debauchery puts you in the mood for, um, more debauchery, be sure to check out the rest of the 2008 Miami Improv Festival presented by Just The Funny and The Mayfair Hotel & Spa. It’s a mishmash of shows and workshops brought to you by your fave local troupe, Just the Funny, and you can expect it to be more amusing than Pat Sajak in a wetsuit. Visit for a complete schedule.
Sat., Aug. 23, 2008
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Raina McLeod
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