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An Open Letter to Hialeah: How to Defend Yourself Against Real Housewives

Hey Hialeah,

We know you're proud. We get it. And you have every right to be, but here's an idea: If you're going to defend yourself against a classless comment made by a cast member on The Real Housewives of Miami, maybe you should do it with class.

This morning, on the Paul & Young Ron Show, the residents of Hialeah called in to defend themselves against RHWOM Alexia Echevarria's silly comment on last Tuesday night's episode. She called the residents of the working-class city "lower people." She also said (in a nice way) that these inferior wastes of flesh dreamed of being like her and her fancy socialite friends who are splashed all over the glossy pages of her magazine, Venue -- a publication that most Miamians have never heard of.

The callers' comments made on this morning's Paul & Young Ron Show included a Colombian resident of Hialeah being straight-up 305 by talking trash about Cubans (Echevarria is Cuban), and another caller, born and raised in Hialeah, called Echevarria -- while at a loss on how to string together a sentence properly -- "a retard." 

Call us crazy, but isn't that kind of like the retard calling the retard black? Just a thought...

Speaking of thoughts, our readers had a few on Echevarria's words that they left in comments on our recap yesterday. And theirs are a tad more articulate (we like to believe it's our back pages that attract this caliber of thought).

Here are a few highlights:

Alexia's husband is from Hialeah, and owes a lot to the City

of HIaleah. He ran the Hialeah Chamber of Commerce for years, was a

City councilman and ran for Mayor. According to the Miami Herlad Alexia

gave birth to one of her sons in Palmetto hosiptal in Hialeah. Her

bleach blonde hair must have affected her memory -- Lilyluv

Who's Alexa? Maybe her Plastic Surgeon is from Hialeah, thats

why she's upset....Hell i would be too if I looked like her! -- Loufquintero

Women that skinny are just ignored in Hialeah. Maybe that's her problem. -- Guest

I have two words for Alexia: PEDRO. ROSELLO. Didn't she birth

her 'male model' son "Pete" in Palmetto? Ay mija, don't play yourself!

I'm from Hialeah, very proud of this and for one will tell you that I am

ten times a more cultured individual than Alexia - I am educated and

refined and have more tact in my pinky than she does in her entire body.

The "lower class" want to look like her? Sure, if we want to

look like we just dyed our hair with the $6.99 Loreal Blonde that she's


Por favor, she can't even speak English properly.-- ANGIE ARIAS (From HIA)

And here's a gem (and a fantastic idea) from Twitter:

@MiamiNewTimes @CultistMiami someone should graphically dress her up chongalicious (chancleta and hoops included ) make her walk la 49 :-) -- @sergiofagundo

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