Almost Done

Back on March 19, the Miami Heat and history had a ménage a trois with ineptitude. Without Dwyane Wade or Shawn Marion, Miami scored only 54 points against the Toronto Raptors – the third-lowest point total in NBA history. Ricky Davis and Chris Quinn led the Heat in scoring. That sentence alone encapsulates the reason why this team racked up 54 damn points. Mercifully, only five games remain for the basketball gods to continue to assault us with this 2007-08 season of crap. Which is just enough time for us to wax philosophical.

In a way, each of us has a 2007-08 season of crap to face in our own lives. For some, shyness might cause their season of crap. For others, a lack of education might lead to a season of crap. But as sure as the sun rises in the east, this Miami Heat team can overcome its own personal season of crap, which also happens to be the actual 2007-08 season of crap. It starts by ending this one as soon as possible. Five more games, fellas. You can do it! Tonight the Heat faces the Chicago Bulls at the American Airlines Arena.
Tue., April 8, 2008
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Chris Joseph