All Those Country Punks

Punk isn’t just a city thing. All across this great and shredded nation, there are snotty little shit kickers in backwaters and barnyards who’ve just discovered anarchy, Manic Panic, and safety pins. And about 15 years ago, Off With Their Heads’ singer and guitarist Ryan Young joined the ranks of country kids gone bad. “It was when I was in junior high, and Rancid had just released Let’s Go,” he says. “Living in a small farm town, I had never been exposed to this kind of music before, and from there I learned about punk.”

Fast-forward to today — through the making of a band, constant RV tours crisscrossing the States and Canada, and a still-wet record deal with Epitaph — and Young’s band is now the one teaching rural tweens and their city cousins to pogo and play guitar. Sadly, this Friday’s Off With Their Heads show at Churchill’s Pub is adults only. But maybe a bootleg tape will find its way into middle schools.
Fri., July 2, 9 p.m., 2010
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S. Pajot