All That Drinking Game for Nickelodeon's New "The 90s Are All That" Series

Nickelodeon is bringing back the '90s to Nick at Nite. The shows start airing Monday on TeenNick and we can't wait. The only issue is that the shows don't start until midnight. At first we were a little annoyed. We didn't want to wait around at home for them to start. But then it hit us -- we're big kids now. Now we can drink.

By the sounds of it, they'll be rotating shows each week. First in the line up are All That, Kenan and Kel, Clarrisa Explains It All, and Doug.

In honor of Nick's exciting news and our realization, we've made an All That drinking game.

What you'll need:
- a shot glass
- cheap, flavored vodka (one that tastes like candy -- we're trying to keep it kid-friendly)
- a liter of orange soda
- someone's kid brother or sister
- a rock to crawl under

Take one shot whenever...
- the sight of how young Kel Thompson and Amanda Bynes were makes you feel ancient. (Seriously, Bynes was like four feet tall)
- you catch yourself singing along to the All That theme song
- something horrible happens to Kevin the stage manager (in case you've forgotten, this is how they open their shows)

Take two shots whenever...
- you catch yourself singing the All That theme song on your own
- one cast member injures another
- something breaks
- an actor, pairing, or skit that inspired a spin-off comes on

Take three shots whenever...
- the spin-off inspired another spin-off (The Amanda Show gave us Drake and Josh, and KaBlam! gave us Action League Now!)
- Lori Beth Dunberg's "Vital Information" actually makes sense

Take a shot, chased with orange soda and yell "Who loves orange soda!" whenever...
- Kel shows up. Because even if this isn't Kenan and Kel, you know you're thinking it anyway

Wave the borrowed kid around whenever...
- you're accused of acting like an idiot. Point out that this is obviously an educational experience for the kid.

Go and hide under a rock whenever...
- you realize that you used to like the performer at the end of the show. (LL Cool J, Busta Rymes...really?)

Remove yourself from society whenever...
- you realize that you still like the performer from the end of the show. No, just because Backstreet Boys is touring again doesn't mean you're allowed to like them.

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