All Shook Up and Married

What happens when a love-crazed Miami club promoter spends a few days in Las Vegas, hits a small jackpot in a roulette table, and then ties the knot at a kitschy wedding chapel complete with an Elvis-impersonator minister? For Oski Gonzalez, Tobacco Road’s resident DJ and head promoter, that wild weekend inspired Elvis Wedding, an annual music festival/mass marriage ceremony that takes place this Saturday at the city’s oldest saloon. A $5 cover charge will get you ten bands, cheap drinks, and the opportunity to marry your partner during a mass ceremony presided by “young Elvis,” not “fat, old Elvis,” Gonzalez explains. “We’re going to try and recreate what [my wife and I] did in Vegas,” he adds. “It’s really cheesy, but it’s really cool.” So cool, in fact, that Gonzalez has already heard from at least 15 couples ready to take this quirky plunge into marriage. He hopes many more will come forward. “The first year we married 32 couples, and the year after that, 25 couples,” he says, adding that it’s certain to be a memorable night. But what’s the best thing about Elvis Wedding? It’s not legally binding, so you’ll be able to keep 100 percent of your shit when you realize it was a terrible mistake.
Sat., Feb. 12, 8 p.m., 2011
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Victor Gonzalez
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