Way back in December 2012, rappers Fabolous, Pusha T, and a whole flock of models stormed the streets of Miami alongside Jon J and David Cabrera, to film the "Life Is So Exciting" music video.

In four lightning fast minutes of flashing cuts, the work of over 25 artists appeared. It's a love letter to Miami culture -- not just the out-of-town pieces that travel to our galleries for Art Basel, but the home-grown street art scene as well. If you haven't seen it yet, it's worth a look -- and if you have already checked it out, now you can watch it again and put artists' names to the works featured in the video.

All Of The Artists in Fabolous' Art Basel Music Video, "Life Is So Exciting"

0:00 - 0:15 - Estria, Prime, and Trek6's Aloha wall

0:16 - Os Gemeos, Wynwood Kitchen and Bar, Futura, Wynwood Walls

0:22 - Sharktoof, Wood Tavern

0:23 - Omen

0:24 - Dabs, Myla, Craola, Witnes

0:24 - Zombie Mona Lisa

0:32 - Omen

0:35 - Gamma Gallery

0:36 - 95 Wall

0:42 - Ape, man, ET

0:53 - Trek6, Prime, Estria

0:55 - Heist

0:56 - Retna

1:16 - Craola, Dabs, Myla, Witnes

1:44 - HecOne

1:48: Ruben Ubiera's Pop-Up Piano

1:56 - Jona Cerwinske

We've managed to name most, but still need your help. Let us know who we've missed in the comments and we'll add 'em in.

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