Alexander, Who's Not Not Not Not Not Going to Move at Actors' Playhouse through March 9

The last time we saw little Alexander — in Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day — his day went from bad to worse pretty quickly. But now that his troubles have finally been resolved, another problem comes along. This time, in Alexander, Who's Not Not Not Not Not Going to Move, his dad has found a new job in a new town, and now the whole family will have to up and move. This poor little dude can't catch a break. Undaunted, Alexander hatches a plan to not move. After all, he can live without his two bossy big brothers and having to get to know a whole new city and a whole new house. He won't move, and that's that. Hilarious, heart-warming, and fun, Alexander's second adventure once again teaches little tykes — and big tykes too — that family, friends, and a positive attitude go a long way to solving problems that only seem big. Home, after all, is where your family is, even if it is with those pesky older brothers. But will Alexander be convinced?

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Chris Joseph