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Alexander McQueen Rugs Shown for Art Basel

Brace yourselves: We're about to broach a topic rarely, if ever, discussed on a culture blog: rugs. And we're not talking double entendres here, but the actually floor coverings bought and walked on. Caught up in the whirlwind of Art Basel is a traveling rug exhibit that involves the late, great Alexander McQueen - the David Foster Wallace of the fashion world.

The British designer took his own life last February after an extended battle with depression, and haute couture suffered a huge loss. He repeatedly won the British Designer of the Year award and his designs, which can be described as psychotic and regal, were as heralded as his fashion shows, which involved human chess games, Kate Moss holograms, and amputee models. In the years before his untimely death, McQueen was designing rugs for the Rug Company, and you'll have a chance to see his skulled, hand-knotted designs this December in their Design District showroom.

Vivienne Westwood and Paul Smith have also collaborated with the Rug

Company, but because this is one of McQueen's last projects before his

death, the six-piece collection is sure to draw crowds. We've heard

about rugs inspired by his former collections: one based on military

brocade and another from Spring decked with a flock of dayglow

hummingbirds in mid-flight. And, of course, there's the most iconic of Mcqueen's

designs, the grinning skull, which the Hells Angels are a little more than peeved about. Read about their lawsuit over McQueen's use of the "death mark" here.

The Alexander McQueen collection hits Miami in early December at the Rug

Company (4040 NE Second Ave., Miami) before launching on a global tour.

Call 305-576-9868 or visit

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Amanda McCorquodale