Ai Wei Whoops Makes Vandalism Fun for Everyone

So you had a good laugh back in February when Maximo Caminero smashed one of Ai Weiwei's colorful vases at the Perez Art Museum Miami - but why should he have all the fun?

Face it, you want to destroy art worth $1million, too, but maybe you are afraid of the consequences.

Worry no more, because the latest and greatest Internet time-waster is custom-designed with your vandalism in mind. It's Ai Wei Whoops, and it's as easy as click and smash.

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No, seriously. Go to Aiweiwhoops.net/#, and smash those colorful vases to your hearts content. There's an estimated property damage counter at the top - or as we see it, a score. We clicked rather furiously for about 30 seconds and racked up $111,673,799.86, probably more than our entire ancestral family has ever earned. It's addicting watching those bright pixels explode everywhere, and it kind of helps us "get it."

Behind the madness is one man, long-time programming geek and artistically-minded "hacker" Grayson Earle. Click the little question mark in the upper right-hand corner of the site, and you'll find his motivation for Ai Wei Whoops to be thus:

"Ai responded to the incident: 'Damaging other people's property or disturbing a public program doesn't really support his cause.' Many art theorists are left to wonder if Weiwei ought to have exclusive rights to art vandalism, or if the culturally situated context is significantly different in each instance to grant Ai's position."

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Earle asks that if Weiwei gets pissed off when you break his physical art, would he as well take issue with destroying his intellectual property? There's only one way to find out - click the shit out of that mouse.

It's oddly satisfying and definitely what we'd call an "epic troll." Kudos, Earle.

You can see more of Grayson Earle's work at graysonearle.com.

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