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Adrian Grenier Talks Sea Level Rise and Sustainable Living in Miami (Video)

Miami knows how to throw a party, and raising awareness for important causes by wrapping them in swanky, cocktail-laden packages is our particular area of expertise. Film producer Peter Glatzer and actor-filmmaker Adrian Grenier, co-founders of sustainable living brand SHFT, brought a refreshing take on the activity by outfitting an Arts & Entertainment District loft with environmentally conscious products and decor.

In partnership with NR Investments (NRI) and collaboration with Hillary Littlejohn Scurtis Design, SHFT curated a studio at Filling Station Lofts that reflects the online platform's call for a cultural shift toward sustainability in design, art, food, and music. The Filling Station unit was filled with furnishings from American artisans and companies that keep an eye on their planetary impact, from an organic California-made sectional, to a stunning fallen tree trunk-based dining table.

SHFT and NRI invited press and locals to see the model loft, hoping to foster the idea that conscious consumers don't have to sacrifice great design. We spoke to Grenier and Glatzer about their inspiration for the event and why Miami is primed to see a change in our surroundings.

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"We had done a similar curatorial space in Los Angeles, and it just made a lot of sense to us. We loved the idea of what they're doing with this neighborhood," said Glatzer on the Miami location. "It just was the perfect synergy with SHFT's own mission. Community is a big part of it..."

In addition the ongoing artistic renaissance of the area, Miami's precarious place in the era of climate change inspired the duo to bring their message here.

"Miami, because of climate change, is really going to be affected quite a great deal; it's really the front lines of this conversation," Grenier said. "...I grew up with a mother who taught me to care about those around me, and I think the heart of the environmental story is people. You can't live well if your neighbors aren't living well."

Products throughout the loft space, being personally arranged and rearranged by Grenier and Glatzer till the last minute, were a mixture of reclaimed vintage style and sleek modern appeal. Warmth and sustainability tied them all together.

"The truth is, a lot of our consumption practices put off a lot of damage around the world environmentally and on other cultures," Grenier said. "I think it's time that we re-evaluate our relationship to stuff because we inherently need a positive relationship with people."

Take a look around the loft through our video, and check out the Filling Station Lofts' Facebook page for updates on upcoming events.

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