Adieu, PS14

Maybe it's bad taste to get on some kind of eulogy bender before the corpse is even cold, but the diagnosis is terminal and it's only a matter of time ... Your favorite hipster bar, PS14, is dying. So say goodbye, Miami, and make amends for all the wrongs you've committed against this party spot that's done you so right on so many nights. Then, once you've thoroughly cleansed your club karma, show up next Wednesday for the final installment ever of Finger Lickin', presented by scene stalwarts Iamyourvillain, Benton, and Javi. The bash is being billed as "the farewell party of all farewell parties" and it's gonna feature a million and a half awesome activities to keep your grief-riddled mind preoccupied: a 14th Street BBQ, bike races, pool partying, ladies' arm wrestling, a rummage sale, and the so-called "whatever jam" featuring, um, whatever. Plus, for extra credit, ride your bike to the party and get $2 beers that you can tearfully dump on the freshly dug grave of PS14. Indeed, it shall be a sad night, friends. But there's no better way to honor a short life lived recklessly than kicking it hardcore with DJs Oly, Stravinsky & Salami Fingers, Contra, Benton & Juan, and DS, not to mention all your recently deceased celebrity friends like Wacko Jacko, Farrah, and the OxiClean guy. So come party the pain away, you'll need it.
Wed., Oct. 28, 2009
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S. Pajot