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The sins of Fidel Castro have been cast throughout the Caribbean, ricocheting, of course, most notably off the humble burg called Miami. Yes, of course there are benefits: While haters such as the very sick Michelle Malkin urge America to oust anyone who didn’t arrive on the Mayflower (bye-bye, Michelle), and lesser-known morons insist on building a Great Wall of Texas, we humble burgers have embraced Castro’s escapees and outcasts and made our city world-class and widely coveted. So you could wait until autumn and travel to Boulder, Colorado, to experience an IFÉ-ILÉ Afro-Cuban Dance and Music Festival. Or you could be a little smarter than, say, Michelle Malkin, and simply buzz over to Coconut Grove to experience full-force this hard-core immersion in the sounds and movements of the Afro-Cuban Diaspora at the Arts and Minds Center.

The three-day fest will feature tons of hot dancing, humid drumming, performances by artists from all over the world, and a number of workshops. One highlight: the debut of a dance called Wemilere: Feast for the Orishas. For a complete schedule, call 305-476-0388 or visit And by the by, IFÉ-ILÉ is based in ... guess which world-class city? (Hint: It’s not Havana.)
Fri., June 29
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Greg Baker