Actors' Playhouse Leads the Way with 11 Carbonell Awards Nominations

The 35th annual Carbonell Awards nominations were announced today. And while the big news is that Actors' Playhouse and GableStage garnered the most nominations, the bigger news is that Actors' Playhouse's production of Miss Saigon earned 11 nominations. It's the South Florida theater scene's Avatar! Only without the cartoonish plot and veiled racism. And far more deserving, of course.

Meanwhile, GableStage's Joe Adler is up against himself for Best Director for Fifty Words and Blasted. GableStage earned 16 total nominations, including 7 nominations for its production of Blasted

Actress Erin Joy Schmidt was nominated for Fifty Words at GableStage while best supporting actor went to Erik Fabregat for Blasted and A Behanding in Spokane at GableStage. Amy Miller Brennan got supporting actress nominations for Miss Saigon and Oliver! at Actors' Playhouse. Jeff Quinn scored best lighting for Blasted and The Quarrel at GableStage, and sound designer Matt Corey was nominated for Blasted as well. A best costume designer nomination went to Ellis Tillman for Miss Saigon and Oliver! at Actors' Playhouse.

If things go well, Actors' Playhouse and GableStage is gonna kick all other South Florida theaters in the pants this year.

The Carbonell Awards ceremony will take place on April 4 at 7:30 p.m.at the Amaturo Theater at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts.

We would direct you to the Carbonell Awards website to see the nominations, but the last time it was updated the Internet hadn't been invented yet. Zing!

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