Acting Funny

Too shy to get on stage and improvise a scene or tell a completely made-up story on the fly? Don’t be, says Carlos Rivera, managing director of Just the Funny Theater and Training Center. “Humor happens when you put two things that don’t normally go together, together,” he explains. In the right environment, anyone’s creative juices can flow. Then the funny just happens, he says. Rivera and Just the Funny Theater are hoping to engage the city’s burgeoning improv scene with a series of summer classes for all levels of actors. Beginners are grouped with similarly inexperienced individuals in a supportive environment that encourages openness. “It’s like an adult version of playing make-believe — you just make up fun stories.” And for those who have some improv training but would like to master popular role-playing games (think Whose Line Is It Anyway?), there is also a Theater Games class that teaches the “Yes and… ” approach. “That’s where you accept what your partner or partners are doing and go with it. You might be doing a scene that starts with a dragon, then your partner robs a bank, and then someone is having an affair with your ex-wife. Rather than overpower your partners, you trust them and go with it.” Both Improv Acting I for beginners and Improv Acting 3 “Theater Games” (for experienced improv actors) begin Monday and continue for seven weeks. The course includes a student performance at the conclusion of the program.
Mon., July 11, 7:30 p.m., 2011
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