Abe's Penny, O, Miami, and a Hidden Bottle of Whiskey Conspire to Make You a Writer

O, Miami is bringing poetry to the streets in oh so many ways this April. This week, they're hosting Abe's Penny Live, an interactive event that will inspire you to use your literary mind in a public space. The point is to get inspired by Miami artists' photos at a gallery right here in Wynwood and pen something that may end up in an issue of micro-magazine, Abe's Penny.

Abe's Penny, published in Brooklyn by sisters Anna and Tess Knoebel, brings together photographers and writers to create postcards sent to subscribers, one a week, one pairing per month. And everyone loves receiving a postcard (hint, hint!), right?

Anna Knoebel told us, "We came up with idea to do a live collaboration event when Scott mentioned one of the missions of O, Miami was to bridge poetry with other artistic mediums." She continued, "That's what we do at Abe's Penny anyway, because each issue is a collaboration between one writer and one photographer." 

Throughout April, visit ArtSeen Gallery and respond to Lee Materazzi, Francie Bishop Good, Samantha Salzinger, and Robby Campbell's photographs. Write your thoughts in a "writing village" where comfy chairs and a hidden bottle of whiskey will inspire you to create. This inspirational installation space was designed by Cynthia Cruz, Nicole Doran, Patti Her, and sleeper.  To get you in the mood to write, the interactive exhibition includes readings by authors Denise Duhamel and Gabrielle Calvocoressi. 

At the end of Abe's Penny Live on April 26, Knobel said, "We're choosing one submission to print as an issue of Abe's Penny." So, go, be smart about it. Get good and get published. It's poetry month, open your creepy little minds. 

The opening reception will take place Saturday 2 from 7 to 10 p.m. at ArtSeen Gallery (2215 NW Second Ave., Miami) and the after-party's at Bar (28 NE 14th Street, Miami). Visit and A postcard exhibition curated by University of Central Florida's Craig Saper "Wish You Were Here," will also be on display. 

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