A Stray Dog in Little Haiti Loses His Bitch

It's hard out here in these streets, especially on overcast days like today. Dog days of summer, y'all -- gray and humid and shit. Everything's crazy and I'm really going through it. I'm lost like a motherfucker. It's been two weeks since the shit went down. I lost my bitch, best friend and my life, all in one moment.

We were rolling in Little Haiti -- NW Second Avenue and the 50s, owning the block, just chillin' -- doin' what we do. Then that dog-pounding Jake rolled up on us like what. Out of nowhere, two of them. We split, ran like the wind.

They shot my dawg with a tranquilizer and he fell against the curb like

dice in a C-low game. I seen that shit like damn. I wanted to help, but

then I seen Jake roll up on my bitch and I was like nah, that ain't

happening. I turned to the dog catcher, but then the other Jake busted

some caps on me so my dog-eat-dog instincts kicked in fast and I just

started running.

I ain't even look back. I'm saying...these streets

are fucking hard. At the end of the day, you need to look out for

yourself. That's just the way it is. We lose peeps all the

time -- some straight up get run-over; some get adopted, right off the

street. Shit. Most get locked up. Dang. We've all been locked up. Many find

homes yet wind up back on the streets anyhow.

But this time was different; something happened inside County. A distemper break-out spread like Contagion

and those motherfuckers at County put every dog down. Just like that,

son -- a holocaust. Word's all over the street. Fuck. I'm trying to be

strong but under this fur I'm crawling in my skin.

God can't be this

cruel. I miss my bitch so much. We were finally gonna drop our

first litter. And I wasn't gonna be like these other dawgs all running

from bitch to bitch dropping shorties all around town. That ain't

me. I loved that bitch, we could communicate, she was my boo. I trusted


I don't know -- this ain't right. I understand shit changes, dogs

change, mentalities change. But what the fuck comes next? I'm kicking it

the last week with some homeless dude at Margaret Pace Park -- it's

easier to get food with a human -- but this motherfucker is mean. He kicks

me and tries to intimidate with fear. I only stay cause I'm hungry and


Fuck. I can't stop thinking bout this bitch. I don't see the

point anymore. Ain't no God. Ain't no justice. Ain't nothing but that

Venetian Bridge in the background of the park. I've been looking at that

bridge too much lately.

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J.J. Colagrande
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