A Reader Eloquently Rips the City of Miami Beach for Crappy Sidewalks

We get a lot of irate missives from readers complaining about everything -- dirty politicians, bad drivers, mixed-race relationships, UFO abductions making them late for work -- but Ms. Ruth Freeman's recent howl against the sidewalks along a stretch of Lincoln Road stands out for its quality. Note how she keeps her sarcastic composure even as a vein pops out of her neck:

A pair of shoes hasn't been invented that can

navigate the jagged terrain (erroneously called pavement) between Lenox

Avenue and Alton Road at the west end of Lincoln Road Mall. Calling all

chiropodists and orthopedic surgeons -- your business is about to explode with

broken ankles and calloused soles. Also, the City of Miami Beach: Lawyer up -- as you can expect a deluge of casualties. Perhaps the architect who designed this

obstacle course is an erstwhile relative of the Marquis De Sade and has recently

arisen from a bed of nails, or maybe he thought he was designing a set for the

reality show Survivor. A fiasco of this magnitude is beyond one's


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Gus Garcia-Roberts