A Pretty Penny

With the economy on the skids, it’s hard to imagine getting cranked about investing in culture. Even worse, those $300 government cheese rebates we’ve been rubbing our palms to snag are still months away from our mailboxes. You want us to splurge on art when we can’t fill our gas tanks? C’mon! However, the only thing drearier than being poor is living in a world without culture, as the Friends of Art of the Lowe Art Museum will happily remind you. Tonight at 7 at the Lowe, the Friends are hosting their 10th annual Spring into Art silent auction and gala, featuring a gourmet spread, a cascade of cocktails, and more than 200 savory artworks for lucky bidders.

Proceeds will benefit the museum’s educational and exhibition programming. “We have large paintings, sculptures, ceramics, watercolors, glass works, and other pieces by national and local artists. People can expect a very entertaining, well-catered event where they can mingle around the museum and take home fantastic art with a winning bid,” beams Lowe director Brian Dursum. Tickets cost $150, which is at least three tankfuls of gas.
Wed., March 19, 2008
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Carlos Suarez De Jesus