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A Note to Ask a Domme Critics

Ask a Domme rocks. Lera Gavin, the author, penned a feature for

New Times

earlier this year called "

Notes from a Dominatrix" that

provided an astute look into a lifestyle that any sane person wants to know about. 

For the last few months, she has provided weekly advice, satire and, well, you know, discipline in the Ask a Domme column. Hell, here at New Times HQ, we even know how to hold a whip properly.

Lately there's a been a lot of noise about the column on websites and in email and phone calls to me. I  want to clear it up. On September 9, in a post titled "Five Ways to Make Friends at a Fetish Party," we may have given an incorrect impression. Neither Lera Gavin nor New Times advocate touching anybody who doesn't want to be touched. Nor do we suggest molestation in a sexual sense. We've update the post to clarify this point.

So what do we support? The rights of consenting adults to do as they like as long as it doesn't involve violence or kids.  

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