A Mystical, Magical Experience

Note: Owing to Hurricane Wilma, many of this weekend's events have been postponed or canceled. Please call ahead to confirm.

Angel readings, pet psychics, and healing crystals might sound like fodder for a segment on The Daily Show, but this weekend's Mystical Fair — packed with lectures and demonstrations of everything metaphysical, spiritual, and New Age — is bound to be an enchanting and enlightening event for the whole family.

The Mystical Mini Fair was launched in April 2004 as a biannual event to be held in the spring and fall. "The first fair was just aimed at 30 people," says Atena, one of the event coordinators. But by partnering with her Spanish-speaking cohort, Clarissa, Atena says they are now able to reach a larger audience and are expecting about 1000 people to attend.

"For the first time we have children's events, a Halloween costume contest for adults and children, and pets are welcome." says Atena. "There will be lots of entertainment this year, lots more fun."

Bring your friendly pet along to enjoy the outdoor activities and partake in a pet psychic reading or healing reiki session. If your little buddy is too shy for big crowds, bring a photograph and the psychics can do a reading simply from looking at his fuzzy face. Children can enjoy a Native American puppet show while parents participate in a past-life regression meditation workshop or tarot card reading. If you've been feeling a little blue lately, maybe you should have your aura photographed to see what colors appear and what they reveal.

Is it possible to have a mystical fair — or any damn bazaar or street gathering in Miami, for that matter — without belly dancing? Yeah, we thought not, so you'll be able to get your fill of hip shaking too. And be sure to stay for the closing ceremony marked by the spectacular dance of a colorful Chinese dragon.

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Lyssa Oberkreser
Contact: Lyssa Oberkreser