A Loveless Fascination

Fans of the Australian alt-pop/rock group The Church know it has churned out more melodies than the Top 40 hit “Under the Milky Way” during the past 26 years. The ethereal slow-dance tune off of 1988’s Starfish had a prominent position on the soundtrack to the dark-corner-of-the-cafeteria make-out moves of our wonder years. Yet like the boyfriend we left in the dank locker-lined halls of high school, many of us have packed the memories of these moody music-makers into the dusty corners of our minds. But Steve Kilbey’s lusty vocals combined with the melancholy guitar strains of Peter Koppes and Marty Willson-Piper have continued to ebb and flow for loyal fans even if the band hasn’t cracked into the charts. With the added energy of drummer Tim Powles, The Church has been prolific if not prosperous: In 1999 the group released an entertaining covers collection titled A Box of Birds (Beatles, Monkees, and Iggy Pop?), followed in 2002 by a mediocre After Everything Now This and the double album Parallel Universe. The melodious nostalgia returned in 2003 with Forget Yourself and strengthened with 2005’s unplugged Momento Descuidado, while the recent Uninvited, Like the Clouds proves that spirit continues to exist in The Church. Return to the fold tonight at Revolution, 200 W. Broward Blvd., Fort Lauderdale. Doors open at 7:30 for this all-ages show. Tickets range from $22.50 to $27.50. Call 954-727-0950, or visit www.jointherevolution.net.
Tue., Aug. 1
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Lyssa Oberkreser
Contact: Lyssa Oberkreser