A Locke of Color

An American Idol star gives good Karma

SAT 7/23

The Miami Gay Men's Chorus will be singing "Hallelujah!" to an act that matches theirs. Edison Farrow's new weekly event is fabulous -- even for those who don't sing. Karma Saturdays are fun parties where Farrow welcomes you with his wide smile. He gleefully shouts, "Hey! Thanks for coming," with his cropped gelled hair against a background of balloons and familiar faces. The music is fun, stuff you can sing along to.

This Saturday-night party works because of Farrow himself, and because it's different, says Michael, a hairstylist and club regular: "You don't see boys with bottles of water in their pocket and no shirts on in here, and there is no monotone trance music." Different yet will be Kimberley Locke. The American Idol diva's South Beach show debuts tonight. She represents what everyone on South Beach wants, a chance to become somebody by doing what you love -- having a good time. Locke performs at Karma (1203 Washington Ave., Miami Beach) around 1:00 a.m. Call 786-312-8392, or visit www.sobesocialclub.com. --Maya Ibars

Smooth-Movin' Jazz

THUR 7/21

Jazz on Wheels. Is it a hot rod? Drug slang? Playing records on a turntable? A new genre? Naw, it's a summer lecture/exhibition series that presents music and dance in various Miami-Dade parks. The showcase examines the influences of music on, as well as the evolution of, dance styles, with particular emphasis on African, funk rumba, Lindy hop, and tap. Presented by Sunshine Jazz Organization & Dance impresario Freddick Bratcher, the event will no doubt showcase some of the creativity he has demonstrated with the Contemporary Dance Theater. Just don't expect the dancing to be so creative that everyone is swinging on roller-skate wheels. The final two performances are today at Bird Lakes Park (4765 SW 144 St., Miami) and next Thursday at Arcola Lakes Park (1301 NW 83 Ct., Miami) from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. Free and cosponsored by Miami-Dade Park and Recreation, WEDR-FM, and Diaspora Arts Coalition. Call 305-693-6236 or 305-755-7848 (V/TDD). -- Margaret Griffis


Music Blows

SUN 7/24

A church location lends a new twist on classical music for the Symphony of the Americas Summerfest 2005. The Historic Miami Beach Community Church (1620 Drexel Ave., Miami Beach) performance today at 3:00 combines a traditional orchestra with organ music. Pastor Garth Thompson explains, "Our concert is quite special because we have a beautiful four-manual [keyboard] organ. The organ music retreats something like God's presence and departure." The concert is sponsored by the Miami Beach Cultural Arts Alliance, an unusual faith-based organization that embraces the arts rather than social services. A ten-dollar donation includes a reception. Call 305-538-4511, or visit www.mb-communitychurch.org. -- Karen Dale Wolman

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